Project Review

Does my project need a permit?

If your project is in e-Builder, the OUBO reviewed the initial project request and indicated whether or not it needs a permit.  The information can be found in the permit section of the project details.  If the scope of work has changed and you would like for your project to be reviewed again by OUBO, please submit the OUBO Project Re-evaluation process in e-Builder.

If your project is not in e-Builder, you must first submit a OUBO Small Project Review to have your project created in e-Builder and reviewed by the OUBO.

Small Project Review

OUBO defines a small project review (SPR) as one with: limited number of rooms, no complex fire safety issues, no change in Use Group, not an ‘H’ Use Group, and less than $25,000 construction cost. Each SPR is allotted 20 minutes.

A Project Manager (PM) or Facilities Maintenance (FM) designee requesting a small project review should become familiar with following the weekly process:

  • Mondays at 5pm - Deadline for submission of the OUBO Small Project Review.   The PM or FM contact will receive an email notification of decision.  If a permit is required, the PM or FM contact will receive an Outlook calendar invite for a 20-minute meeting window on Wednesday between 10:00-11:00 AM.
  • Wednesdays from 10:00 to 11:00am – OUBO will conduct a team review of scheduled small projects. Our goal is to leave the table ready to process the permit for each project. PM or FM of the selected project must attend the review and record any OUBO comments; a copy of the notes will be kept in the OUBO project files and will be noted as conditional items on the permit. A memo documenting the results of the SPR will be distributed once the notes are received.

OUBO will also continue to do team reviews at other scheduled times when requested by the PM for qualified projects. Any reduction in standard review time is at the sole discretion of OUBO and is dependent upon workload, other identified “high priority” projects and OUBO staff schedules.