Construction projects are inspected for compliance with fire safety requirements, accessibility guidelines, and structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing codes during all phases of construction. Required inspections are listed on all approved Building Permits.

  • Contact Bill Miller, Deputy Building Official to discuss when and how to schedule an inspection.
  • Submit all inspections at least 24 hours in advance using e-Builder
  • OUBO recommends scheduling a pre-inspection meeting through the project manager to discuss expectations and procedures for Capital Projects

Prior to inspection request to the OUBO the project manager should verify if the applicable guides have been reviewed by the contractor before inspection request.

Please note the construction documents (plans, specifications, RFI’s, ASI’s, and change orders) shall have the corresponding date to indicate they have been approved by OUBO and be available for construction and inspection personnel. (USBC Sections 108.1, 109.5, and 110.5.)

The OUBO fully supports all options available to ensure accurate and timely inspection services including remote inspections and 3rd party inspections if applicable.

Prior to inspections review the appropriate inspection guide:

Required Inspections

This list is provided as a courtesy and may not be all inclusive. Additional inspection may be required or deleted based on actual field conditions found by the OUBO.

Common Inspection Types

  1. Footing and Foundation: Inspection should be made after excavations are complete and all required reinforcing steel is in place and secured. For concrete foundations, all forms shall be in place prior to inspection. Concrete walls over 6’ tall shall be inspected prior to the forms being installed. Walls less than 6’ may be inspected with both sides of the forms installed. 
  2. Framing: Includes inspection of framing members such as studs and joists, as well as other items such as vents that will be concealed by wall construction. Should be completed after MEP rough-in is complete and approved. Includes items 3 and 4 below. 
  3. Special Inspections: Special inspections per chapter 17 of the USBC shall be performed prior to all Office of Building Official Inspections of the same items. 
  4. Fire Rated Assemblies: Includes inspection of rated walls, floors, ceilings, columns, shafts, and fire/smoke dampers.  See OUBO guide. 
  5. Fire and Smoke Resistant Penetrations: Protection of joints and penetrations in fire- resistance-rated assemblies, smoke barriers and smoke partitions shall not be concealed from view until inspected and approved. Installation materials and methods shall be according to the approved construction documents. 
  6. Sprinkler: Inspection of the fire protection system including underground mains, above ceiling piping, sprinkler placement, hydrostatic tests, etc. See OUBO guide. System to be pre-tested prior to demonstration of system to OUBO. 
  7. Fire Alarm: Testing of the alarm system including horn/strobes, speakers, smoke detectors, pull stations, sprinkler tamper and flow switches. Includes confirmation of signal received by the Systems Control Center. System to be pre-tested prior to demonstration of system to OUBO. 
  8. Mechanical/Plumbing Rough-In: Inspection of equipment, ductwork, and plumbing prior to being concealed in walls. 
  9. Mechanical Above Ceiling: Inspection of equipment, ductwork, plumbing, and plenums prior to closing the ceiling. 
  10. Electrical Rough-In: Inspection of all electrical components located in walls including conduit paths, wiring, and electrical boxes. Technology, telecom, and other low-voltage wiring is included. Schedule prior to closing walls. Electrical panels require inspection with covers off prior to being energized. 
  11. Electrical Above Ceiling: Inspection of all electrical components located above the ceiling including conduit paths, wiring, and electrical boxes. Technology, telecom, and other low-voltage wiring is included. Schedule prior to closing ceiling. 
  12. Generator and Emergency Lighting: Includes inspection of generator, transfer switches, and emergency lighting.  See OUBO guide. 
  13. Final MEP: All mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work should be complete. Typical items to be inspected include lighting controls, GFCI receptacles, panel directories, access and clearance, etc. 
  14. ADA: Inspection includes stairs, ramps, handrails, sinks, counters, bathrooms, door clearances, wall projections, etc. See OUBO guide. 
  15. TCO/Final: A general inspection to be conducted after all work required by the building permit is completed and prior inspection items have been resolved. See OUBO guide for required certification documentation.